Monday, 12 April 2010

Random stuff

I wanted to write a proper post but I have the beginnings of a head cold and my brain feels a bit mushy, so here's a random sample of thoughts instead!

I found half a bird on the back deck this morning. Eewwww.

I'm trialling a new system out the front to stop Ruby barking so much - I've placed some old wooden baby gates up against the spots she uses to harrass people, the idea being that if she barks at the gates they will fall down and freak her out, thereby making the crazy barking less appealing to her. So far so good - hasn't stopped the barking but it's definitely toned it down.

Michael is going well - starting to get into more predictable patterns and packing on the weight. He tends to have his longest sleeps in the afternoon, which is good because it gives me time to focus on Hamish and catch up on housework and rest, but means he wakes more often overnight. This is pretty normal for new babies and the hope is that in time he moves the long sleeps to overnight.

Mornings at home are a bit mental - i.e. stressful! It's best if we have somewhere to go, otherwise I struggle to know what to do for the morning. Not at my best first thing! Plus Mike tends to be unsettled so it can be hard to get much done.

I've been experimenting with a structured daily routine for Hamish which has been a great help, although a bit stop start as he's been unwell so we've had to be flexible. Overall though it has helped to keep him occupied and me on track with housework etc.

I am sick of the Wiggles!! Hamish is a fan. Big fan. Me, not so much.

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