Friday, 23 April 2010

And the reason...

...I'm dejected is because Michael has silent reflux. This means he gets really bad heartburn, particularly after a feed. This in turn means A. LOT. OF. CRYING. So it's not really all that silent - it's just called that because there's no spewing.

He screams so much Adam and I can't hear each other talking, so there's a lot of shouting at each other just to communicate. Fun.

It means I have to wear Michael in the sling for a large part of the day, to keep him upright, which minimises the reflux (and therefore the screaming). Yesterday I think I had him on for at least 5 hours. Did I mention he weighs 5.5kg now?

This makes it hard to get anything done, particularly housework. I can't ignore the housework any more than I already am, because we won't have clean clothes or dishes, or food.

It makes it hard to look after Hamish.

It's very tiring.

But it is manageable - once I adjust my expectations and approach.

I'm getting there, and it will be ok, but today I'm still getting used to the idea, and feeling dejected.

PS We have seen a doctor and are trying some medication so with luck it won't be a long term issue.

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Aimee said...

Oh no!!! Poor little thing.

Having done the 'sling thing' for days on end while chasing a toddler, I know how exhausting it is: both physically and mentally.

Great that you now know what's causing the crying. I'll pray that the medication works soon and that you can both gets some more rest.