Friday, 23 April 2010


I read somewhere recently about a project someone had to take a photograph a day for a year showing something they were grateful for.

I'm feeling a little dejected this morning so I thought it would be helpful to think about what I'm grateful for - not sure if I'll do this every day (in fact I probably won't!) but it's not a bad habit to get into is it - reminding myself of all the good things.

So today - I am grateful for the weather.

PS I am also grateful for playdough, which allowed me the time to post this!

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ud said...

Yes - our weather is the best. As long as the dams are full and the grass is not completely brown it's all good. We had a cold snap last week & I got the electric blanket out. Never actually plugged it in -
It's gone back into hiding.

Don't get dejected, please - even tho you did orchestrate the demise of Melbourne Storm. We forgive you.