Thursday, 19 February 2009

Postscript: Finding The Joy

I'd just like to add that since changing my approach to parenting it's been a lot easier to find the joy admidst all the hard work.

For example, Hamish woke up a few minutes ago and I had to resettle him. A few months ago I probably would have found this frustrating as he was meant to be sleeping, but tonight I noticed how cute he was - he's a bit obsessed with sitting up at the moment so sometimes when he stirs he sits up - and then gets all confused because he's not all that awake! It's very sweet.

These night wakings won't last forever, so I might as well enjoy it as much as I can - and it's lovely to give him a cuddle and resettle him (when he cooperates, at least!)

I've really enjoyed reading the series on the SortaCrunchy blog about finding the middle ground between the opposing parenting views -here's a quote:

"And then there is the other element of the sleep-training philosophy which grieves me...
The very attitude which you are encouraged to take toward your baby.

Drawing the battle lines, steeling up your offensive, and gearing up for a nightly struggle for authority. Don't give an inch or you'll never get it back. Stay strong, Mama.
It seems as though you are to view your baby as your adversary.

I simply cannot believe that God would desire any mother to parent out of the place of fear, or to view her baby as an adversary.

You see, I have trouble reconciling the idea of drawing the battle lines between my infant and myself with what I see as I ponder the ways in which God parents me - His child, His unique creation. I come to him with constant needs and requests, a frequent lack of ability to understand, a long and growing list of failings and areas of immaturity. And what does He do? He lavishes love and grace upon me. He pours His presence into my life in every moment that I open myself up to receive it. He is a constant source of comfort and my unshakable certainty. "