Friday, 13 February 2009


As you would expect, a lot of my headspace the last 6 months has been occupied with parenting stuff. I haven't blogged about it much, but I've been thinking of putting some thoughts down. However I am a bit wary to do so because:

1. I am in no way an expert and have limited experience.
2. There are so many opposing points of view on how to parent best, and I'm a little reluctant to enter the fray.
3. I don't want to come across as whingy or complaining.
4. It's very very easy to hear someone's point of view and think you have the solution, and I get very frustrated when people say "why don't you just do this?" as it shows at best a lack of understanding and at worst a lack of respect, and makes me feel like poo.
5. I have quite strong emotions and feel fairly sensitive about some stuff so I'm not too keen on getting into a debate.

And yet...I do want to blog about it because it's a major part of my life and I enjoy discussing it. So, I will have a bash at it and all I ask is that you respect the fact that it's a sensitive area for me where my confidence is not always 100%.

And I should just say that it's not about Hamish. At all. It's about me and my experience so far with this thing we call parenting!