Thursday, 2 September 2010

Toot toot!

I heard Hamish wake from his nap on Tuesday, and start singing:

"toot, toot, chugga chugga big red car.."

I opened the door.

"Hi buddy, how was your sleep?"

He looked at me seriously for a few seconds, then said "shut de door".

I shut the door.

"toot toot chugga chugga, big red car..."!

I guess he didn't want to be interrupted mid song!


Katzmutha said...

Ha ha, very funny, Al. Nice to read a bit about your family life.

Mary said...

This is hilarious - funny boy!

Christine said...

hahaha I laughed out loud at this, thanks for sharing it Al :)

Jen said...

This kid has a certain future as a Wiggles ambassador. So adorable and worthy of a blog post so you will always remember

Alison said...

thanks guys - he cracks me up every day!