Monday, 5 January 2009

A Speedy Trip to the Art Gallery

I went to town yesterday to see some friends, and I thought I'd make a day of it by going to the Art Gallery first to see the Monet exhibition.

Because I had Hamish with me, I rocketed through the exhibition in record time - there were lots of people there and I didn't want him to crack it and make a fuss which he tends to do if the stroller stops moving for more than 30 seconds. So I made my way through the rooms pretty quickly - in fact I think I was in there for less than 10 minutes. At $18 to get in, I reckon that makes it a $2 per minute experience.

It was good - the paintings were nice although not as impressive as I'd expected, I think because they are so familiar owing to their fame. Also they were mostly smaller than I'd expected. I went and had a look at the Australian impressionist stuff which I like more than the European paintings - it felt like I was visiting old friends and it was interesting to compare the two styles.

It was great to go to the art gallery, and more importantly the art gallery shop! I love it - bought some postcards and a magnet and glanced wistfully at all the other stuff that I didn't have the money for, or the means of getting home.

All in all I spent around half an hour there and it was lovely.